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  1. Hey I found this new Hack. Features: X-Hair Blue Green Red Chams Blue Red Green Black White Wall Hack Full Bright Gun Damage Limit One Hit Kill (OHK) Instant Reload No Weapon Weight No Nade Damage No Change Delay No Recoil /No Spread See Ghost Shoot Through Walls Speed Hack (0 - 255) Beta Long Knife Walk Through Walls Super Jump Super Jump Ultra Jump Fly Auto On: Hack Tool Remover (Home Key) No Damage Zone No Fall Damage CussWord Bypass (just whisper) ihr benötigt: Net Framework Visual C++ Redistributable DirectX Instructions - (Important) 1. Download OverKiller hack. 2. Place OverKiller hack in CrossFire folder. 3. Run OverKiller.net.exe (Run as admin is you have win vista/7) 4. Push insert to access menu. 5. Use arrow keys to navigate around. 6. Join to a Lobby 7. Wait for Hack Tool Message 8. When Hack Tool Detected is showed, Push HOME to bypass this msg 9. Go to another server. 10. YOU CAN PLAY NOW OverKiller.net CF.rar MD5:5f4c4a10942b0a3e1be29df6d59047b9 - VirSCAN.org 5% Scanner(s) (2/37) found malware! OverKiller.net CF.rar - Escaneador de virus de Jotti VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner DOWNLOAD HERE: http://adfoc.us/33891
  2. [C]ross*****s Present cC NA Pub V4 - Official DOWNLOAD IM ANHANG! Features: Noreload (Auto-On) NoWeaponDelay (Auto-On) NoGrenadeDamage (Auto-On) NoScopeOverlay (Sniper - Auto-On) ShotGunSpread 6Bullets (Auto-On) OneHit - Error: HM,MM,TM(F12) NoWeaponWeight (Auto-On) LessRecoil (Auto-On) LongKnife (No Damage, Visual - Auto-On) WeaponRange (Auto-On) singleFire (F10) Trick: ReloadKey(Beispiel. 'E') + Click Sniper(Shoot) => Fast => Fast Sniping. Watch Video Below. Besseres NoRecoil. ReloadKey + Shooting => Besseres NoRecoil/Nospread Anleitung./Instructions. 1. Downlaode und entpacke den Hack./Download and extract the hack. 2. Injecte ihn mit einem der unten genannten Injectoren./Inject the hack into crossfire. 3. Das Hacken beginnt./Begin to hack! 4. THANKS nicht vergessen!/Dont forget to say thanks! Injector. Empfehle euch den DrajonInjectorv2.5 oder auch den CrossInjectorv2. Virusscan. Spoiler: .dll VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner DragonInjector2.5 http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=53afc9ca4a93e340ea6596a713e2971a7ab c01b91aa8f5b40ddc80c0077600cc-1309628921 CrossInject v2 VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner Screens. [video=youtube;Ad8pr0gTf4w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad8pr0gTf4w&feature=player_embedded DL HERE: ShareCash.Org - Make Money Uploading Files! - Cc Na PubLic hACK V4.rar
  3. Here is MPGH's famous CrossFire hack, not even showing off ALL of its features! MCFH is available to download Features: Speed Hack - 1x, 2x, 3x Weapon Hack - 56 weapons, unlimited ammo with knife Knife Hack - No delay, across map One Hit Kill - Kill anyone with one shot Supreme Range - Shoot clear across map No Spead - Shoot without the bullets shooting everywhere No Recoil - When you shoot a weapon, weapon doesn't shake No Fog - No fog effects Wall Hack - See through walls Chams - Modify the colors of characters Full Bright - All player models, level, or player and level models are light up Boxes - Boxes around characters Wireframe - Player models with wireframes Skeleton - Show characters with just skeleton How to Use 1.Turn of your Anti-Virus (all of crossfire hacks contains a virus) 2.Extract the files 3.Open CFPHpremium 4.Start your crossfire and log in 5.press insert IF injector not work try another injector Download CrossFire D3D v7 By Obelisco Up.rar.
  4. [ONE HIT KILL] working in CF US,ID,RU,PH by Aliencfz Link virus check result : VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner File name:AlienCFz.exe Submission date:2011-02-24 07:03:14 (UTC) Current status:queued queued analysing finished Result:5/ 43 (11.6%) Status AlienCFz : Update & Fix ! TOTALLY SAFE instructions : #################################### 1.Run aliencfz.exe ( run as administrator with Win7) 2.FIND and Click on " GET KEY HERE" 3.copy and paste the key shown on the pages loaded 4.modz activated, enter game and press F9 to enjoy one hit hack ( 1 hit 1 kill) #################################### Thank to Aliencfz and monkeymonster Screen SHOT ! How to Get My Code ?? ScreenSHOT ! Code ! ||||||||||||||||||| SS ||||||||||||||||||||| (Rar.) Pass : Offline Credit to : F-Cf,net & Poster *PCF.Haxor-xD Download Hacker By FaF CF.exe.
  5. Hi Leute ich hab mal mit dem programmiern angefangen und ein schönes Multi-Tool entworfen! Der name oben (Michi500000) ist so weil ich auf Mpgh so heiße Screens: Credits: Spoiler: *~_Michi_~* Pech gehabt? nö 1.Führt es als Admin aus 2.Deaktiviert euer Antivirus 4.Downloaded euch Visual basic 2010 5.Hohlt euch NetFramework 4 Pls report Bugs :-) and press Thanks :P Download Hacker By FaF CF.exe.
  6. •Crosshair (1 and 2) •No Recoil •No Spread •No Weapon Weight •No Grenade Damage •One Hit Kill •Shotgun Spread •Instant Reload •Weapon Range •Rapid Fire •Speed Hack •Fly Hack •Shoot Through Wall •Walk Through Wall •Super Jump •Invisi Ghost •Silent Clip (Assault, Sniper) •Fire Mode (Single Fire, Repeat Fire, Shrapnel Fire, Delay Fire, Alternate Fire) •Anti Flash •Player Name Esp (Enemies, Team, Both) •Player Distance Esp (Enemies, Team, Both) •Player Health Esp (Enemies, Team, Both) •Player Box 2D (Enemies, Team, Both) •Player Box 3D (Enemies, Team, Both) •Radar (Enemies, Team, Both) •Aimbot •Aimbot FOV (90°, 180°, 360°) •Aimbot Bone (Head, Chest) •Aimbot Visibility Check •Aimbot AimKey (L. Button, R. Button, L. Shift, R. Shift, L. Alt) •Show Ghost Hotkeys: •Open the menu - INSERT •Navigate and toggle menu items - ARROW KEYS •Fly Hack - Fk [DOWN] [/DOWN]
  7. Hallo, habe gerade im Mpgh Forum einen XTrap Bypass gefunden und ihn gleich getestet, er funktioniert! XTrap Bypass 13.06.11 WORKS! Anleitung: Anmerkung. Falls ihr mal ohne Hack spielen wollt, bitte ein BackUp von der HGWC.exe machen bevor ihr den ByPass das 1.Mal gestartet habt. 1. Downloade den Bypass : Download VIP HACKS FREE.rar. eigentlich nicht, aber das ist ja logisch bei einem ByPass.) 2. Entpacken auf den Desktop. 3. Kopiere den CF Ordner auf den Desktop. 4. Kopiere den ByPass in den CF Ordner auf dem Desktop. 5. Führe den Bypass als Administrator aus! Wichtig: 6. Logge dich ein und warte ca. 30 Sekunden bevor du einen Server auswählst. (!!) 7. Immer wenn du einen Server betrittst, verlasse ihn schnell wieder und warte erneut ca. 25 Sekunden. (!!) 8. Hast du dies getan, joine wieder in einen Sever. 9. Genieße alte eigentlich detected Hacks, Speedhack mit Cheat Engine und mehr! 10. THANKS nicht vergessen, wenn ich dir geholfen habe, danke! Beweis: [video=youtube;PCgRW-_00Fg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCgRW-_00Fg&feature=player_embedded
  8. Wenn ihr die ganzen sachen gedownloadet habt startet ihr die .exe also mein hackloader und ihr könnt euch hacks downloaden usw. Pls thanks drücken Ich hoffe es gefällt euch dl here: ShareCash.Org - Make Money Uploading Files! - CFMODZ.rar
  10. Hey, this is the FTS D3D Hack for CrossFire! How To Use: YOU MUST HAVE A ACCOUNT AT FEARTHESKILLS.CO.UK!!! 1. LOGIN 2. Choose CrossFire! 3. Press Download! 4. Start CrossFire 5. Press ingame Insert (Einfg) to open the Menu! //note: No Recoil doesn't work! Scan: FTS Loader.zip - Jottis Malwarescanner Pictures: AdMas Redirect
  12. Hack funcionando depois da att. Antes de tudo, baixe este injetor: RemoteDLL - Download Recursos: Box Hack -AUTO ON White Chams - AUTO ON Instruções: 1.Download 2.Abra o Injector de sua preferência 3.Vá até o DLL 4.Injete 5.Clique OK Happy Hacking! injector UploadBox :: Downloading Lib_Inject.exe dll UploadBox :: Downloading BOXES - PSYKO.DLL
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