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  1. Every single shit you are posting here is useless, you don't even know c++ and you just try to learn with CE & Reclass, your "work" will never be better than mine. :') say hello to Remote Kill
  2. I don't even know why you are doing all this bullshit, you can just hook CharacterFx::... to do this, just return true in the function parameter, wow so hard! -rep
  3. Do you guys have address or Class for this Combat Arms Reloaded version? that could be really nice :speechless:
  4. Can we switch to private discussion, I added you on skype and I sent you a message (It's about s2s).
  5. você sabe como fazer um spoofer de personagens em luta armamentista clássica hoje em dia?
  6. Ei, Magnus, você tem a nova maneira de fazer SendToServer por favor? (Character spoofer)
  7. Code it yourself, nobody will give you a full working source code.
  8. Hey it's my first post here, enjoy. // Generated using ReClass 2016 class WeaponSet; class cPlayer; class cWeapon; class pFirst; class pSecond; class pThird; class pFourth; class cWeapon; class WeaponSet { public: char pad_0x0000[0x24]; //0x0000 __int32 Server; //0x0024 char pad_0x0028[0x1C]; //0x0028 __int32 Channel; //0x0044 __int32 Room; //0x0048 +1 = "Real" room id char pad_0x004C[0x68]; //0x004C __int32 HeadShot; //0x00B4 char pad_0x00B8[0x24]; //0x00B8 DWORD Kill; //0x00DC DWORD Death; //0x00E0 DWORD GP; //0x00E4 DWORD GC; //0x00E8 char pad_0x00EC[0x3C]; //0x00EC DWORD EXP; //0x0128 char pad_0x012C[0x70]; //0x012C cPlayer* pPlayer; //0x019C char pad_0x01A0[0x18]; //0x01A0 char* GameVersion[14]; //0x01B8 char pad_0x01BC[0x274]; //0x01BC __int32 PlayerNameColor; //0x0430 __int32 ClanNameColor; //0x0434 char pad_0x0438[0x4]; //0x0438 __int32 GCGrade; //0x043C char pad_0x0440[0x4]; //0x0440 __int32 CountryFlag; //0x0444 char pad_0x0448[0xBC]; //0x0448 __int32 Plate; //0x0504 __int32 PlateBackground; //0x0508 char pad_0x050C[0x334]; //0x050C }; //Size=0x0840 class cPlayer { public: char pad_0x0000[0x58]; //0x0000 cWeapon* pWeapon; //0x0058 char pad_0x005C[0x6C]; //0x005C __int32 Head; //0x00C8 char pad_0x00CC[0x4]; //0x00CC __int32 Face; //0x00D0 char pad_0x00D4[0x14]; //0x00D4 __int32 Vest; //0x00E8 char pad_0x00EC[0x4]; //0x00EC __int32 Backpack; //0x00F0 char pad_0x00F4[0x24]; //0x00F4 __int32 Character; //0x0118 char pad_0x011C[0x300]; //0x011C }; //Size=0x041C class cWeapon { public: pFirst* cFirst; //0x0000 pSecond* cSecond; //0x0004 pThird* cThird; //0x0008 pFourth* cFourth; //0x000C char pad_0x0010[0x34]; //0x0010 }; //Size=0x0044 class pFirst { public: char pad_0x0000[0x14]; //0x0000 __int32 Weapon; //0x0014 }; //Size=0x0020 class pSecond { public: char pad_0x0000[0x14]; //0x0000 __int32 Weapon; //0x0014 }; //Size=0x0018 class pThird { public: char pad_0x0000[0x14]; //0x0000 __int32 Weapon; //0x0014 }; //Size=0x0018 class pFourth { public: char pad_0x0000[0x14]; //0x0000 __int32 Weapon; //0x0014 }; //Size=0x0018 class cWeapon { public: char pad_0x0000[0x34]; //0x0000 }; //Size=0x0034
  9. Look who's here.
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