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Paladins in WotLK Classic 


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Ret DPS is certainly bad, and Druids and Shamans DO NOT have the same “tax” on them (their PVE and PVP dps situation is significantly better). But Paladins having S+ specs plus really good utility as Ret, theyll always have spots in raids.

The class that is actually so bad they don’t have spots in raids outside of social connections is Warrior. While prot has good damage that is useful in 5 man content and in faster Naxx runs, its super squishy and is the worst tank for anything progression related. Fury is just as bad as Ret with no utility and Arms is dead last behind the Frost mages and Sub rogues which at least get absurd kits for PVP(which is horrible when you consider in PVE Arms can cast slam). Both warrior DPS specs are so far behind that short of having ICC heroics + Shadowmourne your damage will always be bad outside of cleaving 3-4 mobs. The gulf between DKs, Rogues, Locks, Mages and Warriors makes classic class balance look fine. And you should prepare more Gold WotLK just in case.


To fix this, we don't have to remake the game or make big changes, just look to the original Nerfs. Titan’s Grip losing 10% dmg in the Ulduar patch for example was probably overkill. We understand the game better now and casters are doing way more DPS than they were in 2008 with the same build, and TG -10% is an easy spot to roll back nerfs. Same with Rets. Look at the nerfs. What can be rolled back? Was stuff changed for ICC tier sets? It makes way more sense to move the nerf to the set if necessary and roll back the class nerfs to ret.


There is a 0% chance they’d have nerfed Titans Grip 10% going into Ulduar if Warriors were in dead last place in DPS right before Ulduar. Times were different back then and we didnt have tens of thousands of parses to look at. We didnt have a million weak auras or Discords to browse. Find the nerfs that were overkill and roll those back. If for some reason that makes the class #1 then roll back the roll back. But really, you could buff Warrior and Ret DPS by like 50% and they’d still struggle to beat rogues, DKs, and locks right now in most fights. 

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