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⭐ EliteMU HARD x10 [NO WEBSHOP] - 14.JUNE

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We are ready for v2 HARD x10 (NO WEBSHOP) server re-opening. Plenty of things have been changed that it would be hard to list them all of highlight just one, more info about changes and latest updates can find at our Discord.
14th JUNE - Join Us NOW.


Opening 14.JUNE (19:00 by Server Time)


menu-icon_ff.png ELITEMU - COMMUNITY LINKS
• Website:

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• Registration:
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• Downloads:
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• Forum:
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menu_icon-home.png HARD x10 - GAME DATA
• Version: Season 6 Episode 3
• Experience: x10 (Dynamic system)
• Master EXP: x5
• Drop: 50%

• Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (till level 350)
• VIP Buffers Till: ON (till level 380)
• Official MU Helper: ON
• Regular items: max 2 excellent options [LIMITED]
• Unique items: max 3 excellent options [HOT]
• Off Level System: ON
• Extended Master Skill Tree: ON
• PK Limit: 15 (PK Limit can be cleared in website) [HOT]
• Master Skill Tree: 250 (max level)
• Class required level: SUM 1 = lvl, MG = 220 lvl, DL = 250 lvl, RF = 250 lvl
• Points Per Level: 5/6/7
• Guild Create Level: 300
• Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended) 
• Max Total Stats (Max GR + Max Resets): SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 112175 Free Points & MG, DL, RF = 117793 Free Points [LIMITED]

menu-icon_1.png HARD x10 - RESET & GRAND RESET
• Reset Limit: 50 resets
• Reset Requirement: 400 level
• Reset Price: 40kk * resets (items +Zen are important)
• Reset Reward: 100 Free Coins & 100 Gold Coins
----- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
----- Clear Inventory: OFF
----- Clear Class: OFF
----- Clear Stats: ON
---------- Points for Reset: SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 1000 points * resets & MG, DL, RF = 1050 points * resets
• Max GR: 1 (+3000 HP on GR)
• GR Requirements: 50 resets & 400 level
• GR Item Requirements: 7x Random Generated Items [HOT]
• GR Price: 2kkk (items +Zen are important)
• GR Reward: 3500 Free Coins & 500 Gold Coins
----- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
----- Clear Inventory: OFF
----- Clear Class: OFF
----- Clear Stats: ON
---------- Points per GR: SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 60000 points & MG, DL, RF = 62500 points

menu-icon_3.png HARD x10 - IN-GAME COMMANDS
• In-game Commands: ON
----- /post: global chat, requirement level: 10 (100k Zen)
----- /stat: add stat points (types: /str, /agi, /vit, /ene, /cmd)
----- /resetstats: reset stats to free points (1kk Zen)
----- /resetml: reset ML points (10kk Zen, need 400 level)
----- /mix jewel amount: Mix jewels into bundle
----- /unmix jewel amount: Unmix bundle into single units
----- /ware 0/1/2/3/4: Change warehouse
----- /vipware : (VIP) Open warehouse from any safezone
----- /request off|on|auto: to deny, accept or auto-accept any requests (like trade, party, guild, etc.)
----- /setparty password: to create party with password (party is saved on password, not on player, so password must be unique)
----- /joinparty password: to join party with password
----- /marry to: to propose and accept marry
----- /marry track: teleports you to your husband or wife
----- /war guild: challange another guild to guild war
----- /itemName: find almost all item information (example: /staff of kundun)

menu-icon_2.png HARD x10 - EVENT INFORMATION
• Bless Bug: OFF
• Monster Level: ON (press + hold ALT key on monster to see level)
• Monster HP: ON (can see monster HP bar)
• Dropped Item Information: ON (press + hold ALT key on item to see options)
• Marry System: ON
• Auto Reconnect System: ON (up to 15 minutes) [HOT]
• Gens System: ON 
• Goblin Point System: ON (earn 1 Goblin Point every 60 minutes)
• Bonus Event: ON (extra EXP bonus 2 times per day)
• Cash Shop 'X': ON (pets, EXP buffs, tickets and more)
• Chaos Card: ON (useful rewards)
• Cherry Blossom: ON
• Gold & Silver Sealed Box: ON
• Extra EXP locations: ON (extra EXP bonus in Events)
• And More

menu-icon_ff.png HARD x10 - WEBSITE FEATURES
• Exchange W Coins (C): ON
• Clear Inventory: ON
• Vote Reward: ON (vote every 12h - Free Coins)
• Quests (Achievements): ON [HOT]
• Character Market: ON
• Currency Market: ON
• Market: ON
• Senior Lord Mix: ON (Unique 380 lvl weapons)
• Lucky Coins Lottery: ON (Unique rings & pendants)
• Item Shop: OFF
• And More

menu-icon_4.png HARD x10 - PARTY BONUS
• Party Exp Bonus: ON
----- Duo Exp Bonus: + 0% EXP
----- Bronze Party Exp Bonus: + 3% EXP
----- Silver Party Exp Bonus: + 4% EXP
----- Gold Party Exp Bonus: + 5% EXP

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