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mod [MOD] - Prefab Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 (Prefabricated Building)

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  • Velha Guarda

Prefab Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 (Prefabricated Building)

Pode servir tanto pra quem joga ou pra quem está montando um servidor, pois tem varias construções prontas


Prefab Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a collection of functional and aesthetic buildings that you can take straight from the crafting table and place them into your world instantly. With instant houses and structures, you can skip over the time consuming job of terraforming, and trying to build without a creeper undoing your work. The preview function lets you see the structure in the world, and move through a projection of it in real time. Just pick the place you want to put it, and the Prefab Blueprints do the rest! This mod is a spinoff of the starter house, previously a part of WuestUtilities. It is meant to be a companion to WuestUtilities, but works just fine without it.


Features and Screenshots:

Configurable Starter House – Tired of spending your first day or two just trying to lock down the basics of survival? This handy little item simply requires you only provide one thing. A location! Tools, Food and Shelter, in one convenient quick start package. Perfect for players that want to get a jumpstart on their survival games. Alternate Player Housing is now integrated and available to choose from the same Starter House pattern.


Warehouse – This is a mid to late game structure which will contain all of your storage and vanilla machine needs. There’s a lot of materials needed for the crafting recipe but it will be worth it.

Upgraded Warehouse – Same as the warehouse, but the top floor is populated with enchanting tables, brewing stands and anvils.

Chicken Coop – A place for your chickens to call home!


Advanced Chicken Coop – A more efficient dual-chamber coop design that automatically collects drops from the chickens in the upper chamber, and also allows you to keep chickens in the lower chamber to use for food. Chickens can be added to the upper chamber by filling the installed dispenser with eggs. While you can manually trigger the dispenser via the included button, we recommend installing a redstone clock next to it to automatically fire any loaded eggs for you.



Horse Stable – A nice small shelter to park your noble steed, companion donkey, or irritating nag.


Advanced Horse Stable – You haven’t seen equestrian flair like this since the Gangnam Style music video! Includes 4 stalls; perfect for multiplayer, or horse breeding.



Barn – Tired of sharing a cramped one bedroom house with a couple of actual pigs? Sick of inconsiderate cows creepily watching while you change? Sheep ironing your pants all wrong? This is the building for you. With 16 total pens, you can separate sheep by wool color, or even just use the outer pens as a buffer to prevent already captured livestock from escaping while you lure new livestock into captivity their doom a better life.




Produce Farm – A lit, tilled field with irrigation and fencing, for all of your various crop needs.

Note: Structure is provided as seen; pre-tilled, but not populated with produce.


Tree Park – A park-like setting for planting/farming/cultivating your trees!

Note: Trees are not included in the design, so you are free to populate them with any of your choosing.


Monster Masher – Need some EXP or just some some mob drops? This is the structure for you! With a spawner for Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and Creepers you will have plenty of loot to use. The building comes with chests to store all of that loot. You will still have to kill the monsters yourself. You can even turn the spawning on and off with a flip of a lever thanks to a system of redstone lamps.

Note: The monsters will still have a fair amount of health when they drop into the first floor. Be sure you have a weapon. While they cannot escape, they can still hit you if you get too close.


Nether Gate – In between the villager’s incoherent chattering, I was able to make out the legend of a mythical beast who’s flames were so intense, they were thought to have been conjured forth from hell itself! Though the beast is long dead, its remains lend some validity to the legend.

Note: You have to light the obsidian as per usual, before you can go to the Nether. But it’s a large portal and has a slick little nether scene embedded behind it.


Bridge – A new little multi-use recipe that serves 2 functions. You can either place it against liquid to create a bridge over water/lava/any mod liquid. Alternatively, if you’re not targeting a liquid, or ground block, you can place the bridge in mid air to create skyways. The bridge goes for 50 blocks, and is lit with torches, and has 10 use charges. Lastly, this wonderful little tool also includes the preview function built in (displays a phantom length of 5 blocks so you can see where it starts in relation to where you’re facing).

Machinery Tower – If you want a basic building space (but inside because the outside can be dark and scary), this is the building for you. Comes with enough space for machines and comes with a skylight for those machines which need sunlight. There is even a small rail system for minecarts to be transferred between the ground floor and the roof. The roof is completely lite and open for those machines which need to be outside.




Structure Preview – All structure GUIs include a “preview” button. This will create a shadow structure in the world for you to see what it will look like when it’s placed. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that you have enough space for the structure or to make sure that it will be placed where you want it to be placed. Block facings for fences, torches and other similar blocks will most likely not have their proper facing when rendered in this fashion, they will look correct when placed.

Note: The only structure you cannot preview at this time is the Basic Starter House, all other starter house types can be previewed.


Requisitos: FORGE

Creditos(mais info e recipes)








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